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Mission Statement

Our Educational Institution aims at developing the Human Personality: through the guidance of the Spirit with Religious Values, respect for authority, mutual understanding, developing the power of thinking, stabilizing good health through sports and thus ensuring their availability for Service to the Community.

Vision Statement

This Institution, found on the Lasallian Spirit, inspired with Human, Social and Gospel Values, is dedicated to educate wholesome Citizens for Sri Lanka; Citizens who could and will take their place responsibly in society.


St Anne's College, Kurunegala,
Sri Lanka.




  • Imraz Fayroze: A Habitual Winner and A Rising Star in Motorsports

    Imraz Fayroze has established himself as an accomplished player within the Sri Lankan motorsports community through consistent victories in the SL-A Mini 7 Class. At the age of 22, he made his first major achievement in his sporting journey by securing a significant win that marked a major milestone. Despite being a relative newcomer to the game, Imraz possesses the qualities and skills of a seasoned competitor. His dedication is focused on one goal – winning!

    Since his breakthrough win in 2017, Imraz has continuously dominated the competition, securing victory year after year, solidifying his position as a formidable force in motorsports. His remarkable winning streak culminated in a memorable triumph at the end of last year's season, which we reported at the time. As evident in the accompanying graphic, Imraz has remained unshakable for five consecutive years, showcasing his major victories each year. The absence of any entries in 2020 can be attributed to the unfortunate pandemic, which led to the cancellation of numerous outdoor events.

    Imraz's record of accomplishments during this relatively short time is undeniably impressive, and the most exciting part is that he has a promising future ahead, with ample time to achieve even more victories. We, at St. Anne's College, wish him all the best in his upcoming games in this year and beyond.

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    Persevering Imraz Fayroze crowned Champion at 2022 Katukurunda Circuit Race

  • Persevering Imraz Fayroze crowned Champion at 2022 Katukurunda Circuit Race

    Annite alumnus Imraz Fayroze cruised to victory at the 2022 Katukurunda Circuit Race, garnering yet another shield for his ever-expanding trophy cabinet.

    The competition was held earlier this month at the Katukurunda Air Force Station and was organized by Sri Lanka Automobile Sports (SLAS), the governing body for motorsport in Sri Lanka. Imraz competed under SL-A Mini 7 Class.

    During the selection phase, Imraz encountered an unexpected incident where his car was overturned. Each player is allocated 8 rounds during this phase and grid position for the final is awarded based on the fastest time recorded by the players in all of their laps. While all other players enjoyed the luxury of 8 rounds, Imraz was only able to partake in one round as a result of this incident. However, the one round he took was good enough for him to secure second place on the grid. Why do you want eight rounds when you can do it in one round? He barely missed out on the first slot on the grid.

    Undeterred, Imraz was able to fix his vehicle within 24 hours and made it to the finals. The tough incident he faced only made him stronger and even more resolved to win, being a testament to the true Annites spirit of Possumus. And courage like this deserves only one outcome, victory and that's exactly what he got in the end.

    If you take a good look at his nifty car, you can see the 27-year-old proudly carries the College crest in every race he takes. Well, that's certainly one way to bring Annites glory.

    And this is not the first time that Imraz got hold of this Championship trophy, he has already repeated it so many times in the past; more on that to come in another report, as it's bit too much to bring all in one.

    This year our splendid Annites never fell short of bringing glory and Imraz's victory adds a fitting end as we approach the end of the year.

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    Imraz Fayroze: A Habitual Winner and A Rising Star in Motorsports

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