We congratulate Tharaka Udayanga on achieving 1st in the District Rank (7th in the All Island Rank) at the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2022 in Physical Science Stream.

This is outstanding, and we are all so proud! As you embark on your future endeavors, we the Annites community offer you our best wishes for continued success and excellence.

Dear students, behold this golden opportunity, the GCE Ordinary Level Exam, that awaits you—a chance to unveil the depths of your true potential. Let not fear befall you, for within the realm of Possumus, there lies an unwavering belief that propels you to conquer any challenge that dares to stand in your way. Embrace this moment, for you possess the power to surpass all expectations. You can do it, boys! We at St. Anne's College, wish you all the best. Show the strength within you and make us proud!

In our model test series targeting students who are preparing for the upcoming General Certificate Examination (GCE) Ordinary Level Exam, a new test will be held for aesthetic subjects on May 18 at 12:45 PM. Corresponding practical test will be held on May 22 and 23. Please do not miss this opportunity to help prepare for your final exam. We wish you all the best for the coming exams!

To all our Grade 11 students,

We have an important announcement for those of you who are preparing for the upcoming GCE Ordinary Level Examination. In the coming week, you will be presented with a model test to assist you in effectively tackling the questions that will appear in the final test. It is crucial that you do not miss this valuable opportunity. We strongly encourage every Grade 11 student to take part in this test.

You have come this far, just one more hurdle to win the ultimate prize of your College life. Your opportunity has arrived at your doorstep as the Advanced Level Examination begins tomorrow. You can do it, boys! We wish you all the very best.