Happy Maha Shivaratri!

The teachings of Lord Shiva inspire his followers to embody strength, compassion, and wisdom. May the light of Shiva's grace illuminate the lives of everyone.

Happy Annitestine! — Showing our love, respect and appreciation for the College we hold so dear.

As our nation marks 76 years of independence, let us honor the courage and sacrifices made by our ancestors who bravely fought for our cherished freedom. We shall use this occasion to rededicate ourselves to building a future worthy of their vision, united in peace and prosperity. Happy Independence Day for all Sri Lankans!

St. Anne's College is a place where we harvest education, prosperity, and happiness for our students. Today marks the festival of harvesting celebrated by millions of Tamils all around the world. We, the Annite family, extend our warm wishes for a happy and prosperous Thai Pongal Day!