Knowledge brings peace and strength. On this Esala Day, Lord Buddha shared his wisdom with five ascetics, unveiling the submerged reality of the world. May we harness the true power of knowledge for the betterment of our lives and those around us. Wishing you a blessed Esala.

Eid Mubarak from all of us at St. Anne's College! As a community that embraces diverse faiths, we extend warm wishes on this joyous occasion. Eid Al-Adha reminds us of the significance of sacrifice for a greater cause. Let us come together in unity, embodying love and compassion. Wishing you all a blessed Eid Al-Adha!

Today, as we observe Poson Poya Day, we reflect upon a significant event that transpired two millennia ago. Arahat Mihindu, with his arrival on our homeland, bestowed upon our people a profound path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Let us also recall the compassionate act of Arahat Mihindu when he arrived at Mihinthalagala and liberated the life of an innocent deer. This serves a profound reminder that our love and care should extend beyond mankind to encompass animals and the natural world that surrounds us.

Like those who sought guidance in Arahat Mihindu, let us each find the guidance we need to navigate our lives towards enlightenment. Here at St. Anne's College, where faith and spirituality hold a significant place, we extend warm wishes to everyone for a blissful Poson Poya Day.

Today, we celebrate the life and legacy of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers and the founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. As a proud De La Salle institute, St. Anne's College is honored to be at the forefront of preserving, protecting, and practicing the inspiring values that St. John Baptist de La Salle championed.

St. John Baptist de La Salle devoted his life to the pursuit of education and the betterment of society through teaching. Born in 1651 in France, he revolutionized the educational landscape of his time by establishing a unique system of schooling that was accessible to all, regardless of their social background. He believed that education had the power to transform lives and bring about positive change in the world.

With higher commitment and boundless compassion, St. John Baptist de La Salle founded the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a religious congregation dedicated to the mission of providing quality education rooted in faith and service. Through his vision, he established a network of schools that focused on the holistic development of students, nurturing their minds, hearts, and spirits.

For over a century, St. Anne's College has proudly carried forward the torch of St. John Baptist de La Salle's educational philosophy. We strive to create an inclusive and nurturing environment where each student is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. We are guided by the core principles of faith, community, and fostering a spirit of compassion, integrity, and lifelong learning.

On this special occasion, let us remember the profound impact St. John Baptist de La Salle has had on the field of education and also directly upon our lives. As we honor St. John Baptist de La Salle today, let us express our gratitude to all the dedicated educators who tirelessly strive to make a difference in the lives of their students. Together, let us renew our commitment to promoting education as a transformative force and carry forward the torch of St. John Baptist de La Salle's legacy.