Annite Pasindu Prasad Crowned as Mister Sri Lanka 2023!

The competition took place yesterday, on September 3rd, at the Panibharatha Theatre, University of the Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo. Pasindu emerged victorious, securing not only the coveted title officially known as 'Mr Universe Srilanka,' but also several other noteworthy accolades, including Best Talent, Best Catwalk, Best Skin, and Most Popular Contestant.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our very own Pasindu for his outstanding achievement on this remarkable journey.

Roshan Pinnapola, a 2019 alumnus of St. Anne's College, recently underwent critical brain surgery due to bursting of a clot. During this procedure, a portion of his skull had to be removed. Now, he requires another surgery to reattach the removed portion of his skull. To make this possible, Roshan urgently needs 7 Lakhs before August 25.

It is our moment to stand by our old boy and extend our helping hand. You can contribute by sending your donations to the following accounts:

● Hatton National Bank, Kurunegala Branch
○ Account Number: 019020106091
○ Bank Code: 7083, Branch Code: 019
○ Name: P A J R Pinnapola

● People’s Bank, Kurunegala Branch
○ Account Number: 012100140418470
○ Name: Old Boys' Association St. Anne's College Kurunegala

As Annites, we have always been there for one another in times of need, haven't we? Your generous contribution will make a significant difference. Together, let's support our dear Roshan during this challenging time. It's time to donate!

The St. Anne's College Old Boys' Association will hold this year's General Meeting on Saturday, August 5th, commencing from 3 PM at the College premises.

Following the General Meeting, a Get Together is arranged, scheduled to begin at 7 PM on the same day. The venue for this gathering is the Hotel Blue Sky. To partake in the evening's function, a contribution of Rs. 2,500/= per person will apply, which will also cover the dinner. This event presents an excellent opportunity for our members to reinforce the cherished Annite brotherhood and foster camaraderie.

Both the General Meeting and the Get Together are exclusive to the members of the Old Boys Association (OBA). We kindly request all attendees to make a note of their OBA membership number, as it will be necessary for certain activities during the events.

For those who are former students of St. Anne's College and are not yet OBA members, you can apply for the membership on or before August 5th.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Annite alumnus Chryshantha Kapuwatte has recently been re-elected as the Assistant Secretary of Sri Lanka Cricket in an uncontested election.

He also holds numerous other positions within the cricketing community, including Vice President of the Kurunegala District Cricket Association, General Secretary of the North Western Province Cricket Association, and Secretary of the Kurunegala Sports Club. In addition, Kapuwatte demonstrates his dedication to the St. Anne's College community as our President of the Old Boys Association.

We congratulate on his re-election and hope he'll do his part in bringing Sri Lankan Cricket to a new height.

Our alumnus, Nipuna Wijayabandara, has recently made his debut as a news anchor on Newsfirst. Nipuna's journey from the Annite Media Team to national television is truly inspiring, and we wish him all the best for his new venture. We hope that one day Nipuna will become a renowned media icon.