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  • 2023 (2024) Sri Lanka Schools Senior Karate Championships – Phase 1: Medal Breakdown

    Article Updated on: 28 February 2024 

    In the ongoing 2023 (2024) Sri Lanka Schools Senior Karate Championship, athletes from St. Anne's College secured notable gains at the end of Phase 1, registering 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze Medal.

    Medal List:

    • Gold: Shanuka Alahakoon (6, 5, 4 kyu Kata)
    • Silver: Pruthivi Vitharana (Black Kata)
    • Silver: Gagana Gallage (3, 2, 1 kyu Kata)
    • Bronze: Kata Team

    The team event comprised the same trio, with all competitions held within the Under 18 age category. The tournament was organized by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Schools Karate-Do Association.

  • Amiru and Trimal won All Island Recorder Solo

    Amiru Lindula Aberatne and his accompanist, Trimal Perera, won first place in Recorder Solo at the 2023 All Island Schools' Western Music and Dance Competition.

    They participated in the Senior section of the A2 School category and earned a total of 80.3 percentage points as the final score.

    The competition was organized by the Ministry of Education and took place today (September 10) at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Maharagama.

  • Annite Karate Team placed 2nd runner-up in the All Island Kata Teams Championship

    St. Anne's College Karate Players punched their way to emerge as the Second Runner-up in the Kata Teams Tournament at the 2023 Sri Lanka School Senior Karate Championship. Having won 5 other events in the same competition, this victory further cements the influence of St. Anne's College in Karate on the national stage.

    eam members who represented this event: A. Shanuka Idunsara Alahakoon, P.G. Gagana Thathsara Gallage and V.L. Pruthivi Sri Geeth Vitharana.

  • Annites claimed 2nd Runner-up at U-13 SLSCA Teams Chess Tournament

    St. Anne's College Under-13 Chess team claimed the Second Runner-up in the 2023 (2024) Team Chess Championship Division B Tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Chess Association.

    Our players garnered 4 wins and 1 draw, earning a total of 9 Match Points and 22.5 Game Points.

    Chess teams from 36 schools across the island took part in this competition.

  • Geethika is having the time of his journey

    For any student, achieving milestones during their College years is a dream come true. Geethika De Silva, in just five short months, has made not one but four significant milestones—a year for him to remember.

    In June of this year, he was selected to partake in the Under 19 Sri Lankan Youth League. Just two months later, in August, he joined the Under 17 contest of the same league, alongside two of his College mates. Around the same time, Geethika was called to participate in a practice match against the Under 19 West Indies Cricket Team. His performances across these three tournaments left no doubt that his place should be with the main national squad.

    Tomorrow, he makes his International Cricket debut as a member of our Sri Lanka Under 19 National Cricket Team. They face off with Pakistan Under 19 National Team in a tour spanning until the end of this month in Karachi.

    As Geethika continues to set his milestones, the St. Anne's College family extends our heartfelt best wishes for a successful and victorious tour. We hope Geethika will make our country proud just as he has made our College proud.

    For more, read about Geethika's appearances in:
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    U 17 National Youth League & Practice Match with West Indies
    U 19 Sri Lanka Tour of Pakistan

  • Geethika to represent in Sri Lanka Youth League Cricket Tournament

    Our student Geethika De Silva has been selected for the upcoming Under 19 Sri Lankan Youth League Cricket Tournament, which kicks off in Kandy on June 26th and runs for two weeks, ending on July 6th.

    This league was introduced by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) last year with the objective of forming a talented group of young players for the next Under 19 World Cup and beyond.

    The tournament is organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association, and Geethika will represent the Dambulla team.

  • Imraz Fayroze: A Habitual Winner and A Rising Star in Motorsports

    Imraz Fayroze has established himself as an accomplished player within the Sri Lankan motorsports community through consistent victories in the SL-A Mini 7 Class. At the age of 22, he made his first major achievement in his sporting journey by securing a significant win that marked a major milestone. Despite being a relative newcomer to the game, Imraz possesses the qualities and skills of a seasoned competitor. His dedication is focused on one goal – winning!

    Since his breakthrough win in 2017, Imraz has continuously dominated the competition, securing victory year after year, solidifying his position as a formidable force in motorsports. His remarkable winning streak culminated in a memorable triumph at the end of last year's season, which we reported at the time. As evident in the accompanying graphic, Imraz has remained unshakable for five consecutive years, showcasing his major victories each year. The absence of any entries in 2020 can be attributed to the unfortunate pandemic, which led to the cancellation of numerous outdoor events.

    Imraz's record of accomplishments during this relatively short time is undeniably impressive, and the most exciting part is that he has a promising future ahead, with ample time to achieve even more victories. We, at St. Anne's College, wish him all the best in his upcoming games in this year and beyond.

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  • Lifting the glory in weightlifting

    Annite weightlifters lifted the glory by securing 3 silver medals at the 2023 All Island School Games (AISG).

    They achieved this during Phase 1 of the ongoing tournament, which commenced on September 16th in Kandy and will continue until the 22nd. This event is being conducted by the Ministry of Education.

  • Mahima Kotuwila made a first-rated century

    A masterful century was recorded by Mahima Kotuwila in the match against St. Joseph Vaz College at the 2022(2023) Under 19 Inter-school Cricket Tournament - Traditional Matches.

    His score of 115 in the 2-Day Test Match came from 154 balls and was colored with 3 sixes and 7 fours.

  • Overview of the Journey of Tharaka Udayanaga

    Success is not an overnight achievement; it's the result of persistent effort and constant determination. Here we are looking at an overview of the journey of Tharaka Udayanga, who claimed the 1st rank in our district (and secured the 7th place in the island) in Physical Science stream of the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2022. Along this path to his outstanding accomplishment, he accumulated numerous significant achievements.

    Tharaka was admitted to St. Anne's College in the second grade in 2009. From then on, he actively participated in both extracurricular and curricular activities. In the fourth grade, he represented Sri Lanka at the 2011 Asian Chess Championship in India. As a little child, he successfully completed his primary education, scoring 181 on the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination. His high score qualified him to participate in the 2013 Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad (SLJSO), where he received awards for his performances.

    In the sixth grade, Tharaka once again represented Sri Lanka at the 2014 Asian Chess Championship, held in Taiwan. Following this, he ventured into mathematics and science competitions, participating nationally and internationally. In 2015, he claimed a bronze medal at the 12th International Mathematics and Science Olympiad (IMSO) in Thailand. In 2017, he received national recognition at the Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad (SLJSO) and subsequently won another bronze medal at the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in Botswana in 2018. Tharaka's journey continued in 2019 when he took part in the South African International Mathematics Competition (SAIMC) and secured yet another bronze medal.

    Tharaka continued to be involved in both extracurricular and curricular activities in College. He became a prefect in the ninth grade. In the same year, he joined the Senior Western Cadet Band and rose to the rank of Lance Corporal. He remained in the cadet band until he completed his GCE O Levels. In the Ordinary Level Examination, he earned nine distinctions in English medium. During his Advanced Level years, he joined the Astronomical Society of St. Anne's College and became its President.

    Earlier this month, the results of the 2022 Advanced Level Examination were released, and Tharaka was ranked 1st in the district and 7th in the island in Physical Science stream. This is a fitting end to his College journey, which was filled with major achievements and milestones. As he embarks on his higher education, we at St. Anne's College extend our heartfelt wishes to Tharaka for his future endeavors and for the pursuit of all his dreams.


    Tharaka Udayanga: Ranked 1st in district & 7th in Island at GCE A/L 2022(2023)

  • Recent Winning Streak: Annite Western Music and Cadet Unit

    Bringing Glory with Consistency: St. Anne's College Western Music and Cadet Unit

  • Reflecting the achievements of junior athletes in the 2023 Junior Schools Karate Championship

    As the 2023 (2024) Senior Schools Karate Championship is currently underway, it's a good time to reflect on the achievements of our junior athletes in the previously held 2023 Junior Schools Karate Championship, where our junior players achieved the Runner-up position by securing a total of 11 medals including 4 Gold, 3 Silver, and 4 Bronze.

    Here's the breakdown of the medals:

  • Spirited St. Anne's College Western Cadet Band shines in recent gains, captured in a group photo

    The St. Anne's College Western Cadet Band, who climbed to 4th in rank out of 42 at the 2023 All Island Western Cadet Band Competition, posed for a group photo. The team members are seen here alongside Reverend Father Principal Chandana Hapuarachchi and Teacher in-Charge Mrs. Ferdita Tennekoon.

    Having secured the 5th position last year, they managed to move up one spot in the latest rankings. The event was organized by the National Cadet Corps (NCC) Sri Lanka and took place at the NCC Training Center in Rantambe.

    This achievement adds to their success, having claimed the Air Force Challenge Trophy as winners of the Inter School Drill and Band Competition earlier this year. As the College Western Band continues to shine, a special reception was held at the College late last month in recognition of their impressive work.

    We, the Annites family, wholeheartedly wish our Western Cadet Band to be able to reach even greater heights!

  • St. Anne's Cadets ranked 4th in the All Island Cadet Band Competition

    St. Anne's College's Western Cadet Band rose to 4th in rank out of 42 participants at the 2023 All Island Western Cadet Band Competition.

    Bands representing all 9 provinces took part in this competition, which was organized by the National Cadet Corps (NCC) Sri Lanka and held at the NCC Training Center in Rantambe. Last year, our College band claimed 5th place, and this year they were able to move up one rank further. The event began on September 18, 2023, and concluded yesterday (September 24th).

  • St. Anne's College triumphed at the 2023 Inter School Drill and Band Competition

    It is with great pleasure that we report the St. Anne's College Western Cadet Band has been crowned champion by claiming the Commander of the Air Force Challenge Trophy at the 2023 Inter School Drill and Band Competition organized by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

    The final took place today (June 21) at Sri Lanka Air Force Base, Katunayake, where the Annites emerged victorious over Vidyarathna University College, Horana.

    The band earned their place in the competition after being selected to represent the top 10 teams in last year's All Island Western Cadet Band Competition, held in Rantambe Cadet Training Center and was organized by National Cadet Corps (NCC).

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our students and everyone involved in contributing to yet another remarkable achievement that adds to the Annite legacy of success.

  • St. Anne's Junior Karate Team claimed Runner-up

    St. Anne's College Karate athletes continue to shine as they claimed Runner-up in the 2023 All Island Junior School Karate Championship.

    The competition took place at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium on November 14 and was organized by the Sri Lanka School Karate-do Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

    We extend congratulations to our Junior Karate Team, along with their Teacher in-Charge, Mr. Dammika Dissanayaka (on the right), and Coach, Mr. Manjula Vitharana (in the middle).

  • St. Anne's vs St. Joseph Vaz: Annites gained 1st innings honor

    Annites took the first-innings honor over St. Joseph Vaz College with their thrilling performances in both batting and bowling.

    St. Anne's College bowled out St. Joseph Vaz Team for 218 in the 1st innings. Annites then amassed a total of 358 on the strength of a top-notch century by Mahima Kotuwila and contributions from his teammates. Chamith Sasenjana and Adithya Nirvan were two other Annites who passed fifties. Mahima made 115 in his innings while Chamith fell 14 runs short of his century.

    The bowling department also did their fair share which could restrict Joseph's batsmen to 218. During the cause, Manaan Muzammil claimed a five wicket haul.

    The encounter took place at the 2022(2023) Two-Day Under 19 Inter-school Cricket Tournament - Traditional Matches.

    ➡ Stats and trivia:

    St. Joseph Vaz 218 & 34/0 (93.2 & 9 Overs)
     Dasun Perera 80, Kavindu Nishara 33, Menusha Perera 27 (1st Innings)
    ◆ Manaan Muzammil 6/88, Kevin Nanayakkara 3/49
    Menusha Perera 30* (2nd Innings)

    Annites 358 (101.1 Overs)
    ◆ Mahima Kotuwila 115, Chamith Sasenjana 86, Adithya Nirvan 57, Buddima Sahan 39, Manaan Muzammil 26
     Heshan Kavinda 4/51, Menusha Perera 2/79, Janith Fernando 2/81

    Toss: St. Joseph Vaz and elected to bat first
    Venue: St. Anne's College Ground

    Read about Mahima's century

  • Three Annites Selected for the U17 Sri Lankan Youth Cricket League

    Three students from St. Anne's College have qualified to participate in the 2023 Under 17 Sri Lankan Youth League Cricket Tournament. The triad consists of Buddhima Sahan, Geethika De Silva, and Yashmin Jayasundara, all of whom will be representing the Dambulla Team.

    The tournament, organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Cricket Association, is scheduled to commence on August 21st and will take place across four venues in Colombo. The final will be held on August 29th at the NCC Ground.

    Among the trio, Geethika, who also participated in the Under 19 category of the League earlier this year, finds himself in a busy schedule as he'll be playing a warm-up match against the West Indies Under 19 Team on August 25th, which overlaps with the League's schedule.

    The Dambulla Team, to which our players belong, is set to face off against Colombo South, Galle, Kandy, and Colombo North on August 22nd (at SSC Ground), 24th (at CCC Ground), 25th (at Bloomfield), and 27th (at Moors), respectively.

    We extend our best wishes to all our players, hoping that they will shine with their talents during this League.

  • Winning runner-up at the All Island Drama and Theatre Festival

    St. Anne's College team, comprising drama and theatre students, became the overall Runner-up at the 2023 All Island School Drama and Theatre Festival.

    This national-level contest was preceded by the provincial competition last month, where our team finished first in the province. The item performed by our students was Mṛcchakatika, a play by Śūdraka. The event was organized by the Ministry of Education.

    The wins achieved in this competition include: Best Music Direction, Best Dramatic Costume, second and third places in the Best Actor category, along with four merit awards (one for Choreography and three for Acting).

    Seen here are the members of our team and their teachers, Mr. Upul Semasinghe and Mrs. Namali Dissanayake. We congratulate them on their achievement.